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Historic Jarvisburg Colored School


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The mission of the Historic Jarvisburg Colored School Association shall be for the preservation and dissemination of information about the history and culture of the Colored People and Schools in Currituck County, North Carolina from 1868-1950’s.

About Us

Historic Jarvisburg Colored School Association is the culmination of local efforts to preserve the Jarvisburg Colored School, first established in 1868 near its current location. The HJCS Association was formally organized in 2003 as a nonprofit organization.

Initial efforts focused on saving the old school building in keeping with historic preservation standards, listing it on the National Register of Historic Places, and collecting and disseminating historic information about this school and five other schools for colored children in Currituck County (Gregory, Currituck Union, Moyock, Snowden and Coinjock).

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places December 11, 2009

HJCS is a membership organization and we welcome your membership/donation support and your stories, photos, and any artifacts from your experiences in any of Currituck's Colored Schools during this timeframe.

We believe it is important to take time to celebrate our heritage and to remember the path we have followed to be where we are today. The stories we share are about life in a poor, rural area of North Carolina in a segregated society where families were often self- sufficient and lived off the land.

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Members of the Board of Directors:

President – Alice Lindsey
Vice President – Vivian Simpson
Secretary – Sarah Banks
Treasurer – Rowena Roby
Directors – Paul O'Neal, W. Leon Saunders, Milton Etheridge, William Parker, Rhonda Morris, Ruth Dillard, Faye B. Phillips, Jennifer Powell, Angerona Saunders and Marita Powell.

Many school alumni and community volunteers have all worked hard in support of our efforts. The board notes the deaths of several dedicated supporters: Douglas Lindsey, Norma Williams and Edna Bowser, who worked to establish and this organization and provided support with their generous spirit and contributions.

Historic Jarvisburg Colored School

HJCS, Inc. P.O. Box 254, Jarvisburg, NC 27947
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